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Article 1 Description and applicability

1.1 Theory school: The most extensive name of an execution or other effort in which Theorie Snel Halen concatenates with the student to provide theoretical courses for the CBR theory exam and other theory courses as well as any other good or service that Theory Snel Halen course participant.

1.2Cursist: the natural person who provided Theory Snel Halen with an assignment to provide a theory course in one of the offered categories.

1.3 The CBR theory exam: The theory exam applies to the following categories: A, B, AM The participant participates in the Central Bureau for Driving Skills (CBR).

1.4 All the latter conditions apply to all offers and agreements of Theorie Snel Halen that reach a theoretical training in the previously mentioned categories.

1.5 If one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions are wholly or partially void or destroyed, the other general conditions remain fully intact.

1.6 In these general terms and conditions, the word "in writing" can also be regarded as documents produced in writing and sent by electronic means, certainly including e-mail communication and faxed documents.

1.7 The student can not claim any rights to the fact that Theorie Snel Halen applies these general terms and conditions conveniently.

Article 2 Offers and quotations

2.1 All offers are without obligation and do not bind Theorie Snel Halen. The student can not derive any rights from an offer made by Theorie Snel Halen. Only if there is an agreement with demonstrable reciprocal communication is the offer binding on Theorie Snel Halen.

2.2 The prices used by Theorie Snel Halen, in offers and offers include VAT and other government taxes. The prices quoted are also included, including possible costs to be incurred within the framework of the agreement.

Article 3 When an agreement is made.

3.1 A reciprocal agreement between Theorie Snel Halen and course participant is established after the student has submitted the registration form to Theorie Snel Halen and Theorie Snel Halen has accepted the registration, by means of a confirmation sent to the course participant by e-mail or sms.

3.2 An agreement that has been concluded can only be canceled or moved if the student does so not later than 48 hours before his appointment. If this is not done, Theorie Snel Halen will be obliged to charge the examination fee of € 50 if it is no longer possible to cancel the CBR exam for the course participant.

3.3 If Theorie Snel Halen has not sent a confirmation to the student (by e-mail or text message), with regard to confirming a requested theory course via the registration form, the course participant can cancel the contract without charge.

Article 5 Duty participant

5.1 The student must behave in accordance with the guidelines in these conditions. In case the student does not comply with this obligation, Theorie Snel Halen is authorized to refuse the student access to the theory training, without Theory Snel Halen having to pay compensation in any way towards the student.

5.2 The student must ensure that Theorie Snel Halen has all the correct details of the course participant in order to correctly request the CBR theory exam. Should the student fail in this, there is no fault due to Theorie Snel Halen.

5.3 The student will only use the items made available by Theorie Snel Halen for the intended purposes.

5.4 Potential damage to the goods delivered by Theorie Snel Halen must be reimbursed by the student.

Article 6 Duty Theory Quick Pick

6.1 Theory Snel Halen is compelled to offer sound theory training in the offered categories.

6.2 Theory Snel Halen ensures that the work to be performed is carried out by a competent / competent person.

6.3 Theory Snel Halen is compelled to compensate the damage, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10, of damage caused by the action or failure of Theorie Snel Halen on the part of the student and that the Theorie Snel Halen is charged. can become.


Article 7 Prices

7.1 The prices used by Theorie Snel Halen include VAT and other levies or may be applicable within the framework of the agreement.

Article 8 Payment

8.3 Provided the student does not participate in the theory course and has not canceled it with due regard to the provisions of articles 3.2 and 3.3, the student will owe the entire amount to Theorie Snel Halen.

8.4 All judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred by Theorie Snel Halen, provided that Theorie Snel Halen is involved in any legal proceedings against the student, both claimant and defendant, are at the expense of the student.

8.6 If Theorie Snel Halen proceeds to terminate the agreement, as stipulated in Article 8.4, everything that is owed by the participant to Theorie Snel Halen will become immediately and completely due and payable.

Article 9 Force Majeure

9.1 Theory Snel Halen is not obliged to fulfill any obligations with regard to the course participant provided he is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is not due to his / her fault. No more than under the law, a legal act or generally accepted in traffic.

9.2 Success guarantee: from our experience, approximately 97% of our students pass. This can only be achieved if the student participates well during the theory lesson, is present on time and has a decent understanding of the English language. If you do not meet one of these requirements, the success guarantee expires.

Article 10 Allocation

10.1 Theory Snel Halen is only liable for direct damage that the student may incur due to the actions or omissions of Theorie Snel Halen, whereby the liability is also limited to the maximum amount that will be paid under the applicable insurance contract.

10.2 In the unlikely event that no payment is made under the applicable insurance contract as stipulated in article.

10.4 Theorie Snel Halen is never liable for the following damage: Consequential damage, loss of profit, missed savings, damage due to business stagnation and possible damage caused by the use of the service provided by Theorie Snel Halen.

10.5 Provided that Theorie Snel Halen is liable for any damage, then the liability of Theorie Snel Halen is limited to direct damage.

10.6 The student indemnifies Theorie Snel Halen against claims from third parties, arising from or related to the performance of the agreement.


Article 11 Law in force

11.1 Dutch law is exclusively applicable to all legal relationships in which Theorie Snel Halen is a party.

11.2 Student and Theorie Snel Halen will only appeal to the court after they have made every effort to settle a dispute by mutual agreement.

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