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Do you want to pass your theory exam in one go? Everyone wants that, but only half of the people pass the exam within a year. We would like to provide you with tips, so you can pass the exam at the CBR in one go. If you take these tips to heart, this will significantly increase your chances of success during the exam.


Tip #1

Prepare yourself for the theory exam!

This tip seems very obvious, however, many people think the theory exam 'just get it' and they drop it. A good attitude is important during the period that you want to get your driving license A, AM or B. This starts with concentration and thorough preparation. Consider when you want to take the exam and book the exam already. Can you learn well? Then you can reserve the exam a little faster in the future than if you are not so good at learning. Determining the theory exam has the advantage that you can work towards this date. You can also collect your practice materials, so you can get off to a good start.


Tip #2

Start by learning the theory

When preparing for the theory exam, you can not start making theory examinations, because you will probably not be able to achieve or fully understand them. The curriculum of the CBR consists of various sections that have been described in the form of chapters. There are a total of 25 chapters that you have to learn, a good number! But fortunately you will notice that you already know a lot of the things you read from your own experience. However, there are also many things that you do not know and that you have to learn from your head. For example, the number of meters that an object can project from a car or the number of millimeters of a car tire. Things you do not know as quickly as you have not learned! So learn the chapters and make a final test after each chapter.
Also keep a note of topics or rules that you find difficult. The more often you read back the difficult things, the easier you can remember. The CBR often asks questions about things that most people find difficult, so make sure you know!


Tip #3

Take the time to learn and practice the material

They are 25 chapters, you can not put them in your head in a day. Take plenty of time here, preferably a few weeks. Take regular rest while learning. Walking or cycling for a while always works well during learning. This way you can empty your head again, making it easier and more effective to incorporate new things.


Tip #4

Practice with the substance in practice

Learning for your theory exam is easy by applying the material directly in practice. If you walk out the door, you immediately see number plates and cycle to the supermarket, you will encounter countless traffic situations. Who in your opinion has priority? What does that weird road sign that you see? If you see the material you have learned in practice, it is much easier to learn than if you have read it alone. It also makes learning more fun when you can immediately use new knowledge.


Tip #5

Learn from Your Mistakes

Anyone who is learning his theory exam will notice that he or she does not score equally well at any point and that does not matter at all. What you do not have to do is learn the difficult things less, because you might not like it.
Make a note of which parts you find difficult or on which topics you make a lot of mistakes. Ask a friend or family member if you can hear about these topics. Always write down all your mistakes, then you can repeat them later! Repeating is an important part of preparing for your theory exam.


Tip #6

Have faith in yourself

Do you still have confidence after all the learning? Very well! Does your courage take you away? Do not panic, you too will succeed! If all goes well, you have taken the time to master the theory. So passing the exam should not be a problem. There are countless practice materials that help you succeed. With good practice material it is a shame to be nervous. A thorough preparation is half the work.


Tip #7

Repeat the theory

After learning the last chapter in the theory book, you may notice that part of the theory from the first chapter has subsided again. Read through the summaries of all the chapters and the difficult parts. Reading your notes too is important!


Tip #8

Check your knowledge by making theory exams

If you have learned enough, it is time to test your knowledge by making theory exams. On the internet you will see many sites where you can take 1 free exam. Do not join in, because this does not say anything about your chance of success. The chance that you happen to make such an exam good or bad is very big and you will get the feeling that you are going to get it or hear that you have not learned well yet. After making each exam you have an extensive error analysis, so you can learn from your mistakes and therefore you do not make the same mistake twice! This way you prevent that with the real theory exam!


Tip #9

Do not underestimate the exam

It is not for nothing that more than half falls for the CBR exam, you too can count yourself to the lowered. Or you can choose not to underestimate the exam and prepare yourself well!


Tip #10

The day of the research: you will succeed!

Have you followed tips 1 through 9? Then you will pass your theory exam! That seems clear to me. Do you mind that you take everything you have to take with you to the CBR? Such as a proof of identity, etc. Also important: some people, because they are nervous, suddenly start eating and drinking very different things, which they normally never do. Do you never drink coffee? Do not do that just before your exam, you will only feel more nervous. Also make sure you go well to the CBR. Relax, because you have practiced well enough to succeed. Good luck!

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