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Theorie Snel Halen, the address where you can easily pass the car theory exam! We have been providing theory courses for the car for years and are an established name in the Netherlands. Through our unique teaching method, we ensure you to pass the car theory exam at the CBR in the first attempt.

Of course, obtaining the car theory is important, but what we value even more is that with the right knowledge it will benefit your practical lessons!

In short, we are a theory school that values knowledge and does not simply chew (old CBR) answers, which most contemporary schools do.

What do we offer you?

Under the guise of being a client, we offer the best service to our students at Theorie Snel Halen. During the course you will receive extensive explanations about the various subjects that are important in making the CBR exam. The explanation is given by expert and certified teachers who have years of experience in giving the courses.

During the course a basic explanation is given, after that there is a lot of practice with CBR exams and the questions are discussed in more detail. Furthermore, the students get a lot of tips and tricks to answer the questions easily, so the students are well trained to successfully complete the CBR exam!

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be on time, participate well during the course, have sufficient command over the English language and you did the homework that you get from us. If you meet the requirements, the chance is 100% to pass your car theory in one go.

What does the exam look like?

The car theory exam consists of two parts, in total you have 65 questions:

Part 1 - Hazard perception


This is the first part of the CBR theory exam and consists of 25 questions, of which you must have 13 questions. During this part, it is necessary to recognize, predict and demonstrate the right action in traffic in a timely manner. Note, with this part you have only 8 seconds per question and you can choose from 3 scenarios.

Braking Release accelerator Nothing

Part 2 - Traffic regulations and traffic insight

This section consists of a total of 40 questions, of which you must have at least 35 good. During this part, the car theory questions are based on multiple choices, yes or no and fill-in questions.

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