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Road signs: speed

Road signs: speed


Road Sings: Speed

Exercising traffic signs is very important to make the theory test at the CBR with a good feeling. In this article, you can exercise all the road signs with speed..


Indication maximum speed

It is here forbidden to drive harder the speed indicated. In this case, not harder than 50 kilometres per hour. With this board you should consider kept down by traffic.


End maximum speed

This sign indicates that the speed limit ends here. Now you have to look carefully what speed it can be driven. Please note that drivers after this sign will go faster.


Maximum speed on an electronic board

These signs are placed above the highway. This number may be adjusted remotely. When there is a file, these boards usually turned on. These signs are typically used on roads with big traffic.


Traffic signs speed advice.

The number on the board shows you the recommended speed. Sometimes through a charger plate indicated why this advice is given. The speed is only applied locally to indicate the safe speed.


End opinion speed

When you come across this board, the advisory speed is no longer apply. It is not usual that these traffic signs are used. You also have to look good when the advisory speed stops.

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