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Road Signs : Rules

Road Signs : Rules


Practicing road signs is important, to make the theory exam at the CBR with a good feeling. In this article you can practice for free all traffic signs that have to do with traffic rules.



A motorway is a road on which only motor vehicles drive, which generally do this at a fairly high speed. The maximum speed on motorways outside the built-up area is 100 kilometers per hour. However, it is not always allowed to drive 100 kilometers per hour.


Equestrian path

A bridle path is a special sand path that riders can ride. A horseman's path is for the most part free from the rest of the traffic, so that a rider with his or her horse does not cause a nuisance to other eg users.



When you come across these traffic signs, it means that this area is only intended for pedestrians. When a red line runs through the sign, it means that the footpath ends.


Bike/Moped Path

These road signs indicate that this is a mandatory path for cyclists and moped riders. They are therefore not allowed to drive on the normal road. When a red line passes through the sign, it means that the bike / moped path ends.

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