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At Theorie Snel Halen you can only follow your car theory course in 1 day. Getting your theory in 1 day, who does not want this? Theorie Snel Halen provides the theory course and if you want, we can also reserve the exam. In the theory courses, you get theoretical questions and explanations about the traffic rules and traffic signs. You get intensive lessons and then you go with a group to the CBR, to do your car theory exam. We give 95% chance of success and bags are almost impossible! The teacher is specialized and trained to give theory courses. We also set high standards! If you want to take a driver training, it is wise to first follow a car theory course, so you know what the traffic rules and traffic signs mean. It is then possible to apply your theory knowledge in practice.

95% success rate at Theorie Snel Halen

At Theorie Snel Halen, we ensure that you are ready for the exam. Of course we ensure that you succeed in one go. You will receive 25 questions about hazard perception and 30 questions about laws and traffic rules. In addition, there are 10 questions about traffic insight and risks.

It is an intensive car theory course, with a high success rate, because we do not give a 95% success guarantee.

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